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Exploring the Hidden Gem of the Philippines: GUIMARAS ISLAND
GUIMARAS, a place in the Philippines, used to be a small island. But now, it is famous for having really sweet and export quality mangoes and fun places to visit.
A long time ago, when people didn't know much about the Philippines, a famous explorer named Ferdinand Magellan came here in 1521.
After some trouble, his friends sailed to Guimaras. They liked it and named it after their capital in Portugal because it had lots of good things like wood, stone, honey, and crops.
People from Spain also came to Guimaras because of these good things. They shared their religion and started villages like Nayup, Nabilhan, and Igang. Pirates sometimes caused problems, but the place grew slowly.
In the 1900s, when America was in charge, Guimaras developed faster. General Douglas MacArthur helped build things, and Guimaras became more important. It became a part of Iloilo until 1966 when it became its own little province.
Today, Guimaras is famous for its super sweet mangoes and a festival called Manggahan Festival. People can visit beautiful places like beaches, an old church, a historic house, and a lighthouse. There are also tours to see how they grow mangoes and more fun things to do. Guimaras has come a long way and wants to keep getting better for its people and visitors. It's a great place to explore and enjoy!
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